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  • Trademark Law and Brand Protection

  • Copyright Law and Content Protection

  • Monetizing Your Brand

  • Monetizing Your Content

  • Contracts for Creatives

  • Legal Operations for Law Firms

  • From Uncomfortable Comfort to Entrepreneurship

  • Building a Virtual Law Firm

  • New Business Legal Checklist



  • Building a Business with Long-Term Stability with Aleece McKnight, Workflow Queen Podcast, June 2023

  • Ownership Equals Value: How to Protect and Increase the Value of Your Work through Copyright Ownership, Paving the Way to Health Care Access Conference 2023, forHealth Consulting at UMass Chan Medical School, May 2023

  • Copyright and Trademark Protections from Entrepreneurs, SCORENashville, December 2022

  • How to Secure Your Brand & Protect Your Business Legally, Black Friday Small Business Showcase, Mordernoire and Zion Christian Ministries, November 2022

  • A Conversation on Women Entrepreneurship, Writing By Design, October 2022

  • Intellectual Property for Interpreters, Webinar, June 2022

  • Copyright and Trademark Protections from Entrepreneurs, SCORENashville, December 2021

  • How to Protect Your Brand and Content on Social Media and YouTube, Indie Power Conference, September 2021

  • Indie Power Conference, Music Meets the Boardroom, September 2021

  • "Business and Brand Ownership Beyond the Basics, webinar, Law Office of Aleece McKnight, May 2021.

  • “Millionaire Monday”, a talk on how to change your mindset and business to succeed, 2020

  • “Unstoppable Fierce and Focused Transform-Her” Conference, panelist, November 2020.

  • “Legal Issues and Book Writing,” Write Publish Market Podcast , September 2020.

  • “Business, Contracts, and IP for Music Artists,” Music Meets the Boardroom Podcast, September 2020.

  • “Content Creator’s Virtual Summer Camp”, Law Office of Aleece McKnight, August 2020.

  • “Getting in the Right Formation: A conversation about business entities”, a presentation for SCORE Nashville, July 2020.

  • "Protect & Secure Your Bag", BuildHers Virtual Conference, May 2020.

  • "Legally Protect Your Business and Your Brand" Webinar, Law Office of Aleece McKnight, April 2020.

  • “Business Baby Shower”,  January 2020.

  • “Organizational Branding Part III - Protecting your Business”, SC Consulting and Data, January 2020.

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