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As an entrepreneurship and trademark attorney, it is important for me to fully understand your business, brand, and goals. 

The purpose of each call is to allow us to evaluate your business goals and establish new ways to help it grow to the next level.

Please note that a fee is required prior to the start time of your scheduled consultation.

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*All appointment times are in Central Standard Time.

Which call should you book? 

Discovery call ($50): If you're ready to work with our tea, a discovery call is an opportunity for our team to learn more about your business so that we can determine how to best serve you. You will learn more about our signature services, processes, price, and unique ability to help your protect your business and intellectual property.  *No legal advice or direct legal strategy is provided*

Legal consultation ($250): If you have legal questions that you'd like to discuss, this call is designed for that purpose. During the consultation, you'll have the opportunity to ask specific legal questions, discover what legal protections you should have in place, and get advice on a legal protection strategy for your unique needs.

Note: Be sure you allow pop-ups before scheduling. If not, you will not be redirected to make a payment. 

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