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  • What is a trademark?
    A trademark is a name, slogan, tagline, or logo that is used to identify the source of a particular product or service. Your trademark can also be a sound, color, shape, or product packaging.Your trademark is what makes your brand unique.
  • What can I trademark?
    These are just a few examples: Name of a product Name of a signature service A business name Name of a membership program A trade name (i.e. your coined named) Your business' slogan or tagline Name of your podcast Name of your blog .... there's many things but hope this gives you an idea of intellectual property you may need to own! :-)
  • Why do I need to register my trademark?
    You trademark is an asset that can increase in value through the years resulting in wealth for you. The best way to secure and protect this asset is to obtain a federal registration. If you do not register your trademark, your rights only extend to your area. The benefits of registering your trademark include: Registered trademarks protect against federal registration of not only identical marks, but also confusingly similar marks Provides nationwide notice of ownership of the mark Protection throughout US, its territories and possessions Grants right to use R symbol and services as evidence of the valid and exclusive ownership of the mark. The legal right to sue in federal court Stops trademark infringing imports at the U.S. border
  • How long does the process take?
    From the filing of the application to receiving the registration certificate is typically between 12-18months. Sometimes, this process can take longer. Each trademark is different. The good news is that your security begins when the application is filed.
  • How do I know if I can register my trademark?
    We'll conduct a comprehensive trademark search and provide an opinion letter to identify any potential risk with your proposed trademark. While there is no guarantee, you will be able to make an informed decision based on our analysis of the strength of your trademark. In addition, we will identify whether your name, slogan, or logo is classified as a trademark before the search is conducted.
  • I received a cease and desist letter. Can you assist with that?
    Absolutely! If you've received a cease and desist letter, contact me immediately before responding.
  • Can I register my trademark if I have not launched?
    You sure can! There's an app for that. I will work with you to protect your mark even before you launch.
  • I've registered my business with my state. Does that mean I own the trademark?
    No. Simply registering your business with the Secretary of State does not give you trademark ownership. You will still need to get a federal registration if you want nationwide protection of your brand.
  • Should I register my trademark in the state where my business is located?
    It depends. What level of ownership are you seeking? A state trademark registration does not prevent competing brands from using your trademark in another state. A state registration also does not provide nationwide protection. A federal registration gives you the greatest protection.
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